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Milf Wife Catches Jungle Fever
Fortunately for me there are plenty of cheating whores in this world, and thus plenty of clients willing to pay me to track their asses down and get some primo hidden cam video of their fucking ways. Take for example this MILF wife who skipped lunch with her husband because she supposedly had to go grocery shopping. In reality she went off to fuck a well hung black ex-football player as she had a bad case of jungle fever and needed some big black meat in that cheating pussy!


Teacher Caught Getting Blowjob From Student
Great hidden cam video of a teacher who gets one of his students in the bathroom and has her suck him off to get better grades!
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cheating wife janelle
Janelle was a well built brunette who, after several years of marriage decided to start cheating on her husband. Boy did she pick a winner…this guy was a pro fighter of sorts and loved to get rough with her. She liked it to, getting strangled or slapped around a bit when they had sex. But the husband got wise and hired an investigator who tracked them down to their usual no-tell motel and got the hidden camera video evidence to toss this cheating slut out the door for good.
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Watch this unsuspecting milf with big tits get sharked when she goes back to her car after a hard day of shopping! This was probably the last thing she expected, having her blouse ripped off to expose her huge titties!
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Cheating Blonde Slut with New TitsAmie Loved to Suck her Latin Boy’s Cock
Cheating wives are capable of doing just about any stupid ass thing to get away with their illicit affairs, but blonde wives have got to take the cake for dim witted behavior! Take this cheating tramp of a wife, Amie, who after 6 years of matrimony decides to start sucking Latin dick behind her husbands back. And to make matters worse, right after hubby paid for a brand new boob job for the bitch!

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cheating milf casey38 Double D Bitch Finally Paid her Dues.
This was the classic hot mom who loved the younger men but got a little too sloppy for her own good.  Fortunately for the husband his Milf spouse kept going to the same sleazy motel with her young lover so it was very easy for a private investigator to “gain access” and plant some spy cams to catch the bitch in action.

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Pot Selling Wife Caught Screwing A CustomerHidden Camera Catches the mayhem after a man catches his drug dealing wife having sex with one of the clients.
In what appears to be a set up, the husband planted hidden cams to make sure his wife was either selling the weed on the up and up or because he suspected she was getting down with one of the customers.
It turned out to be the latter, and as you can see all hell broke loose when he barged in on the scene!

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Hidden Camera - Fuck Me Or Go To JailHidden Camera – Fuck Me Or Go To Jail Vol. 1
Brutal Japanese reality hardcore using hidden cameras. A few guys hit the streets in search of some willing sexual targets. They drag the ladies back up to the office for an ‘interview’ which quickly turns into a full blown seduction. The ladies come in one after another and have no choice but to drop their panties and let these guys get on with their business. They’re just that convincing.

approx running time: 1 hour, 57 minutes

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Voyeur Teens 48Voyeur Teens 48 Video on Demand
Very popular teen voyeur video series featuring girls caught home alone and horny, so they resort to some hot masturbation. Believe it or not, girls need to get fucked much more often than you’d think! And when they can’t get a cock, they’ll settle for their fingers or their favorite dildo. All of you voyeurs are going to love this amateur flick where we capture innocent young teens getting themselves off. They’ll spread their legs and show you their shaved slits while they bring themselves to intense orgasm.

Check out some of the hottest teens fucking themselves while being secretly recorded! This is hot hidden camera footage from our secret vault to you!

approx running time: 1 hour, 37  minutes

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Images Volees Sous Les Jupes 4Images Volees Sous Les Jupes 4
French upskirts videos! In this fourth and highly rated 4 star edition of the “Images Volees Sous Les Jupes” this is a whole new and exciting crop of unsuspecting girls being videotaped right up their skirts! It’s a voyeur’s paradise!

You see multiple shots of panties from an under skirt vantage point. Be sure to check out scene six where a couple making out in the park makes for excellent footage for the film! They were in an adult movie and didn’t even know it!

approximate running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes

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